You can participate in our community and contribute to the Malware Patrol project in many ways:

Submit suspect e-mails and URLs

Submit suspect e-mails and URLs

Forward suspect URLs and e-mails to Automated system will extract dangerous URLs and In no more than one hour they will be visited and downloaded binary analyzed by anti-virus systems. If malware is found, the address is included in our Block Lists.

Set up a spamtrap

Set up a spamtrap

Please forward the contents of your spamtraps to Let us know that you have set up a spamtrap, providing an estimated volume of daily messages.

Tell your friends

Tell your friends

Spread the word! Tell your friends about our project. They will be protected from malware infections and can join others around the world in the Malware Patrol community.

Send your feedback

Send your feedback

Your feedback is much valuable. Tell us what is working, what could be better, your needs and how we can improve. Drop us a line at: support (at)

Report false positives

Report false positives

We do our best to avoid false positives, but they may occur. If you believe something is miscategorized, send a message to fp (at) and we will promptly investigate and correct, if approprite.

Go Premium!

Go Premium!

Premium subscriptions allow access to block lists updated every hour, additional formats and MD5 hashes to verify integrity. And they offer an important support to maintain servers hosted around the world that capture and analyze malware samples.

Our statistics

Our website uptime is monitored by StatusCake.

The following graphs present statistics on malware URLs (updated every day at 00:00 UTC):

New URLs


Active URLs


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Unique malware samples

Latest threats

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Malicious URLs
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malware and ransomware


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malware URLs


Active malware and
ransomware C&Cs


Customers in 130+
countries trust our feeds

Latest malware

Last update: 2017-05-24 06:09:01 UTC (graphs)

Malware Patrol News

How to use our Block Lists and Data Feeds

You can always contact our tech support at support (@) if you need help configuring our block lists and data feeds for your favorite software. We have how-tos for the following platforms:

BIND 9 RPZ - DNS Firewall
Postfix MTA
Squid Web Proxy

#OnPatrol4Malware Blog
Business Partners

Become a partner or reseller:

Malware Patrol is searching for qualified partners and resellers to expand our protected user base. Contact us and together we will make the Internet a safer place for everybody.

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